Null safety

Null safety prevents errors that result from unintentional access of variables set to null. buzz will require you to declare any nullable value with a ?.

str? aStringOrNull = "hello";

It'll also require you to check for null before accessing the value. This reduces greatly any runtime error related to nullable values. The language provides some useful tools to do so with minimal effort.

| Null coalescing operator is `??`
str unwrapped = aStringOrNull ?? "default value"

| Force unwrapping with `!`
str unwrapped = aStringOrNull!;

| Graceful unwrapping
[int]? optList = null;

print(optList?.len()); | -> null

| If unwrap
if (aStringOrNull -> aString) {
    print("{aString} is not null");
} else {
    print("aString was null");
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