Enums are a lists of constant values, either strings or numbers. By default an enum is of value type int and each case will have a incremented value starting at 0. To get the value associated with a case, use the value property.

enum Natural {

Natural.zero.value == 0;

If the enum's value type is not int, it must be specified between parentheses after the enum keyword.

enum(str) Country {
    usa = "United States of America",
    uk = "United Kingdoms",
    fr = "France",

To get the enum case from its value, you can call the enum like a function with the value as argument.

Country? country = Country("France");
country == Country.fr;

When the value type is str, you can omit case values which will be the same as the case name.

enum(str) Locale {

Locale.en.value == "en";

If one case value is specified all cases must also have a value.

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