A small/lightweight statically typed scripting language

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Statically typed

Find out bugs in your IDE rather than in production

JIT compiled

Uses MIR, a fast and lightweight JIT compiler


No implicit behavior or unexpected type coercion

Small in size and complexity

Does not take much space on your drive or in your mind

Interoperability with C

Call C functions easily with FFIs and embed buzz with its C API


Single threaded cooperative multitasking

import "std";

| 👨‍🚀 buzz is a simple unambiguous scripting language
object Person {
    str name,
    int age = 18,

    fun growUp() > int {
        this.age = this.age + 1;

        return this.age;

fun main([str] _) > void {
    var me = Person{
        name = "Giann",
        age = 36,

    std.print("Hello I'm {} and I'm {me.age}.");